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Microwave Egg Cooker

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Annie's Garden has a unique microwave egg cooker. The cooker is dishwasher, food safe, microwave and oven safe. This is a unique and convenient way to cook an egg for any meal. These little pieces of pottery will surprise you as to what they can do. Cooking an egg is the prime job, but it can make a fantastic omelet, baked onion, baked apple dessert and even steam vegetables.

This little crock pot will make excellent eggs. The cooking times in your microwave will vary depending on the size and the power. Experimenting with a few eggs to start will help set the time needed to cook the egg to perfection for you.

A recipe sheet will be included with your purchase.

Choose a color you want and add it to the comment area on the order form. Colors available: black, red, white, blue stripe, yellow, purple, light blue, heather stripe, brown stripe, and willow (sheep)

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